Meet Tali Fogel-Bobo, Clc, LMHC


life coach tali fogel-bobo

Tali Fogel-Bobo, founder of the Center for Fulfillment and lead Life Coach, is a Certified Life Coach and Licensed Mental Health Counselor assisting people in need of coaching, across the United States. Tali's friends, colleagues, and clients describe her as compassionate, empathic, and insightful. She has a passion for helping people find their inner wisdom, focus, and voice. Tali views the coaching relationship as an alliance, a partnership and a process of inquiry that empowers clients to reconnect to what is important to them.




Tali's background and training in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and Parenting Coordination enables her to connect to clients and be a committed facilitator in the healing and motivating process for people of all ages and diverse cultures.




Tali received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from UCLA, in Los Angeles, California, and her Masters Degree in Mental Health and Rehabilitation from USF in Tampa, Florida. Prior to opening the Center for Fulfillment, Tali founded Tampa Family Counseling, a comprehensive psychotherapy office that offered "talk therapy" and psychoeducational services.



Tali describes her role as a Life Coach at the Center for Fulfillment as her true life calling and purpose. She is accessible and understanding and 100% dedicated to helping her clients achieve success, however they may define it. Tali provides her clients with the drive and guidance they need to improve and/or take new directions in their  careers, relationships, life transitions, and health and well-being. Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, and Resiliency techniques are the foundations of her coaching practice. Tali's specialty as a Life Coach is in assisting people to integrate their interests, talents, and personal goals.



While raising her family, Tali decided to turn her love of reading, learning, and understanding people into her dream career. At age 38, she went back to school for her Masters Degree. This meant that she had to overcome many hurdles and challenges, meeting the responsibilities of children, home, and work while simultaneously meeting the academic demands of completing her degree. That was a lot to juggle! Six years later, Tali graduated with a Masters Degree and she never looked back. Today, Tali loves to spend time with her family. She practices daily yoga and meditation, traveling, cooking, visiting museums and playing Majhong with friends.



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