Self Exploration

The process of self-exploration begins from our first session, and continues throughout our partnership. What we say to others is as important as how we react. We'll learn what triggers you and develop coping strategies to minimize those events on your life. We'll explore your authentic strengths and virtues, and how you can use those to face life's biggest challenges.

introspectionEnsuring you understand yourself, your values, and your unique strengths and virtues is crucial to an effective and authentic coaching relationship. While there’s no “one-size fits all” solution, there are science-backed frameworks we’ll incorporate to find new ways you can live a life of true authenticity.




Using coaching’s 7-Step Model for Clarity and Results, I help you on the quest to find your life’s purpose. Through this process, we’ll clarify how to leverage that insight to both find and bring fulfillment into your life’s work. We will work through an empirically-validated method of dynamic questions and exercises that guide you through thorough self-exploration.




exploring strengthsTogether, we’ll clarify what you love to do, what your inherent strengths and virtues are, what your unique talents, gifts, and skills are, where you can work to improve and how, and all the factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to design your ideal life, career, relationship, or transition.




Dive In and Explore


Throughout our coaching relationship, you will be on a continuous process of self exploration. Better understanding yourself, your strengths, and when to apply them gets us through life's toughest challenges. When we look inward, we never complete the process of total understanding, but the better we know ourselves, the better positioned we are to confront challenges.