Life Transition Coaching

Life itself is a process of change, and change is inherently uncomfortable. Whether it's our first day of school, divorce, job loss, or even positive changes including moving to a new city because of a promotion, you can't avoid the transitions life throws our way. You can, however, choose how you respond to those changes. Together with your coach, we will practice skills, adopt new perspectives, and even form new behaviors that bring fulfillment and increase your well-being.



life transitionsAs a certified life and career coach, along with my Masters Degree and years of working as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I help people move through transitions as smoothly and easily as possible. Together, we’ll navigate a unique self-exploration process, incorporating the relevant aspects of a volume of questions, handouts and processes, to help you discover and manifest the life you want. I find my fulfillment by aiding clients in getting through blocks that in the past have created persistent fears, limiting beliefs and other obstacles that may have been keeping them from moving forward and living life to the fullest potential.



We all experience transitions in life, and it’s important we know how to recognize them, utilize resilience to push through, and learn positive skills aimed at getting you from one side of a change to another. We define “transition” as an internal process that one goes through to come to terms with a new situation. Whether the change is planned or unplanned, we define a life transition to be what happens in a person’s mind as they go through a major life change. Transition can come in the form of career changes, changes within the workplace, economic change, or of loss.



change in life with coachPeople often overlook transitions and the impact they can have on a person’s life. To you, transition can be experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one, empty nesting, retirement, divorce or break-up, going from college to the workforce, getting married, having your first child, a job change or loss, or the stressors and positive aspects of starting a new business. Even when change is positive, it still involves adjusting to something new.





Positive or negative, big or small, change disrupts our routine, and disruptions to our routine inherently go against the norm, the habits that pull us to a place that perhaps felt more comfortable, whether it was good for us or not. Facing change and the unknown can cause the fear, worry, dread and uneasiness we call anxiety. Finding clarity in such situations, and defining a healthy way out, is a useful step to reducing that negative affect, or anxiety.




resources to overcome change

I will give you resources, information, and support to help you follow through and make the changes you’ve been wanting to make for a long time. When you work with me as a coach, you’re working with a trusted, compassionate sounding board and confidante with whom you can feel comfortable sharing your challenges or fears. I will listen and help without judgement, and focus on positive strategies to get you through your challenges, big and small.





Change is Inevitable: How we respond determines its impact


Life is change, and change is life. In a world where everybody is aiming for their own happiness, we can't always completely control every event in our lives. We can, however, practice tools to confront change and transitions with a sense of confidence and purpose. If you're going through a life transition, however big or small, contact the Center for Fulfillment for comprehensive non-judgmental coaching to shift your perspective and make that transition an opportunity for growth that works for you and your goals.