The Role of Life Coaching

When it comes to decisions like these, expectations are everything. It's important to layout the boundaries of the coach-client relationship, what makes it different from traditional therapy, the kinds of things you work on with your coach, and what to expect from Tali Fogel-Bobo's Center for Fulfillment. The truth is, with the right action plan and the right behaviors, overcoming barriers to achieving your goals just require a shift in mindset.


At the Center for Fulfillment, we believe each person possesses within themselves the wisdom and power to design a life that’s aligned with their own belief system; their true selves.  We help clients connect with their inner wisdom to develop a clear understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and potential for growth. From that understanding, it is the role of the coach to guide their client on their own, unique journey, leaving it up to the client to make the best decision based on a rational assessment of facts, which the coach helps identify. Your life coach is not a doctor, therapist, or holistic healer; rather, your coach is an external force that questions those inner thoughts, and help to transform them into actions that manifest your best self, growing along the path to accomplishing your life goals.

what is life coachingWe believe that each choice we make affects every other aspect of our lives. In other words, the work we do has an impact  on our relationships; our relationships impact our spirituality; and the extent to which we are able to connect to a power higher than ourselves impacts the many forms of positive emotion we experience in life (joy, happiness, success, fulfillment, curiosity, creativity, satisfaction, etc.). When we help coach our clients, we get to know the whole you. And we use science-backed tools to help you design and attain the life you deserve.

We begin with questions like:


  • Who are you?


  • What brings you meaning in life?


  • What is important to you?


  • What are your weaknesses and challenges?


  • What gets in the  way of getting what you want?


  • How distressing is that, and is it worth your stress?


  • Where do you see your future self?


  • How would that future self feel if it had accomplished all you answered above?


  • And finally: Are you ready to begin?



life motivationWhen you hire a life coach, you’re not “going into therapy”. Therapy focuses on the negative: how can we reduce the bad and make our lives less negative. With coaching, rather than trying to improve your level of fulfillment from a -8 to a -6, we focus on amplifying the positive aspects. It’s a fine line: you’re likely feeling stuck or helpless, but with the framing power of a positive coach, we learn to see things through a positive lens. Keeping the conversation in positive domain of life, though we may feel helpless as to how to take the right steps to move forward and flourish, we coach and are coached to redesign the entire way you view your life. We diagnose your challenges, anticipate barriers to goal attainment, and plan a road-map to a life of fulfillment and well-being.




Life Coaching is a profession that is complementary to, but extremely different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling. Coaching and the relationship between client and coach, addresses narrow challenges, highly specific  personal projects, work-life wins, maintaining centered during broader stages of life and transitions in you and your surroundings, issues related to your personal or professional life, and any other areas in which you aspire to grow and flourish with vitality, confidence and strength.



As coaches, we assist clients in relationships or career goals by focusing on the present, the here and now. As crucial as the choices we’ve made in the past are to understanding our tendencies, with coaching we look at what is currently going on in your life, how the past has contributed to your current situation, and what we can learn from that analysis to apply to your challenges today. We investigate your biggest barriers or challenges, and help you map out  a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.




focus on goalsTali grounds her professional practice in the historical, philosophical, and ethical foundations of coaching, and combines that knowledge with cutting-edge  best practices, current research and emerging trends, to offer clients the most forward thinking encouragement and motivation.


Ready to Shift Your Perspective?


If you feel stuck or not fulfilled in your life, a trained coach like Tali Fogel-Bobo can provide the guidance you need to ask the right questions, focus on what truly matters to the authentic you, and assist you to find the meaning and fulfillment that's missing in your life.