Our Coaching Sessions

The difference between me and other coaches is often quite different. Whereas some coaches aim to perpetuate the process, our coaching sessions are different. Starting with our initial consultation, I will give you complete honesty and transparency, helping you understand the "why" as well as the "how".

coaching sessionsOver the course of our coaching relationship, we'll identify patterns in your behavior that don't serve you, and others that do and I will show you how to build on them. Each session is about you, your goals, and the things you can practice between sessions to make you an independent advocate, assertive as you design the life to which you aspire





Some coaches, therapists, or self-help professionals hide tricks up their sleeves to make you feel as though you’re making progress, without teaching you the tools and strategies for making tough decisions independently and with conviction. I aim for your independence and confidence, sharing cutting-edge insight and strategies so that ultimately, they come naturally and you become an independent champion of your goals.






goal attainment and satisfactionI won’t hide any tricks from you, because there are no tricks. We are in control of our destiny, if only we have the right toolbox and guidance to manifest what we desire. Attaining our goals, in and of itself, improves our well-being, and together we’ll develop tools and strategies to create and reinvent a life of fulfillment and meaning.



Your coaching sessions provide time and space dedicated to and focused on you. Rather than the external worries, fears, and obligations of life, our meetings focus 100% on you. Each session is purposeful, quiet and free of distractions; a time and space you may not be used to at first if you’re someone who currently takes care of everybody else before you do what you need for yourself.



Our Coaching Sessions


During our coaching sessions, I try to focus on identifying and building upon the positive aspects of life. Whereas traditional therapy might focus on reducing your unhappiness, during our sessions we'll learn to broaden and build upon the good. Our sessions, whether in-person, via Skype, or telephone, will be all about you. We'll likely follow up on your challenges discussed in our previous sessions, and/or we will discuss whatever is blocking your current flow.