About Career Coaching

The approach the Center for Fulfillment takes to career coaching considers your goals, aiming to discover ways you can leverage your strengths to find fulfillment through work. Whether you're in search of a "job", "career", or a "calling", fulfillment is there depending on how you look at it.


career counselor san diegoA coach is not your therapist. I'm not going to blame your work-related or career ambition struggles on your relationship with your parents, children, or anyone else. Instead, we'll focus on you and how we can leverage your life experiences to form the best possible version of your self. We'll focus on the here and now, and how you can propel yourself forward in the workplace, or otherwise.



We spend the vast majority of our waking hours at work. So it’s important that our work reflect our values, leverage our strengths, and keep us engaged during the day, because work doesn’t have to be a "have to". Generally, we look at work under three lenses: jobs, careers, and callings. And it's important to your well-being to know which of the types of work you fall under, in order to properly weigh the impact of work-related stressors on your life. Most people hold 9-5 jobs that put food on the table. If that’s you, that’s perfectly fine, and together we'll discover ways to make that job more enjoyable and more meaningful.



Next are careers.  People who opt for careers are a different breed who know what their strengths are, how they can apply them to help other people’s goals, and work hard to climb the ladder of success. Careers, like doctors or lawyers, require an investment of time upfront and diligent work, or grit, to sustain them. And when they've attained the appropriate degree or experience, one's career path is relatively predictable with fewer risks.



career counseling californiaOne can live a completely fulfilled life with a job. You can certainly choose a career path that brings wealth, happiness, and fulfillment. But not everybody finds their calling. Your calling pulls you in. It’s a form of work that doesn’t appear to be a choice for you. It’s something you were born to do. Something that’s as attractive to you as your are to it. One could say, “Monet” had a calling, as much as you could say, “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” had a calling to lead social justice in the world.



But a calling need not be grand: your calling can be to teach the next generation of leaders how to write, as a language arts teacher. Or it could be to become a painter. But it should be a realistic way for you to support yourself. Together, through a series of sessions and assignments, we’ll explore finding your calling. Even if such a calling isn't your instant way to put food on the table, you might work in the domain of that calling so that one day in the future, you can leave your job or change your career and be secure in leveraging your calling as your day-to-day work.




career counseling of san diego

Every life well-lived includes work of some sort. Work, and the career we choose, can bring unlimited amounts of fulfillment to our lives; and it doesn’t have to be non-profit volunteering or charity to be the kind of work that fills us with satisfaction. Not only does work keep our time occupied, but it also provides us with the means to bring fulfillment in other aspects of our lives.




In order to find fulfilling work, we need to take a deep dive into ourselves. What is it that we value? What are our strengths, and how can we use them to help others. Making money isn’t inherently bad; we need money to meet our basic necessities and feel secure in life. As a personal life coach, Tali Fogel-Bobo uses a time-tested set of tools to helping you understand yourself, what brings true fulfillment into your life, and how you can apply that to your career choices that work towards your goals of a happy and fulfilled life.


Career Challenges or Changes?

Whether you're looking for a job, career, or following your calling, Tali Fogel-Bobo can coach you on the path to attaining your dreams. We spend the majority of our waking life at work, so whatever you do, Tali will help you find meaning and fulfillment with it, learn to deal with co-worker or boss issues, and learn the skills to turn even the most mundane tasks into meaningful contributions.